Hello i'm AJ. i think im awesome but thats just my opinion welcome to my blog



help, I resisted the urge to fanart for four years and now I can’t stop ;_; I just love their precious faces…

Just thought you people would like to see my face and my lotso bear that actually smells like strawberries <3 

topping-swank asked
Yes, hello, friend, I just thought you should know I had a dream last night that you asked me to do meth with you. I don't know what the heck that means, but it might mean that we should hangout soon and do drugs together.

Yes we shall friend just not meth that shit is narsty



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This will never not be funny.

Only me...

Boyfriend: do I have a big dick?

Me: yes you have a big dick

Boyfriend: *chokes on gum*

Me: did I almost kill you with an ego boost?

Boyfriend: *nods head really fast*